Pete Hovde - Inner Beauty Wood Creations

When I work with wood, over and over, I am awed by the beauty and wonder of the grain, color, and texture of wood hidden behind the bland bark of a tree. Combining woods from various places throughout the world reminds me that we are all connected as human beings and that the wonders of nature are present in every corner of the planet.

My intention is that each piece I create will infuse love into the food prepared or served on the board as well as into the people who prepare and consume this food. And to the people who view its beauty.

About my creations:

I make a WIDE variety of art/cutting boards in terms of size, color combinations, woods, and designs. When choosing a board for yourself or as a gift, the best way to make a decision is to check in on how you feel when you see or touch a specific creation. If you feel joy, awe, peace or other positive emotion, that may well be the right board for you.

Having art in your home affects the comfort and feel of your surroundings. Cutting boards are a powerful art form because it is usable art. Every time you use this board in your kitchen (often several times a day), you get to experience the look and feel of that creation.

Art and cutting boards are generally categorized as END grain or EDGE/Flat grain. "END grain boards have a "checkerboard" type appearance because you are seeing the end of the lumber it is made from. End grain boards tend to be more durable for heavier cutting, and are often called "self-healing" boards. This is because when you cut on the end grain, you are separating wood fibers, rather than cutting across the grain.

EDGE/Flat grain boards are generally boards with longer strips of wood visible, which allows you to see the grain of the wood as you might see in furniture or wood trim in your house.

Coloration and Care of Boards:

I use NO stains or other methods of changing the natural color of the wood. Every creation you see on my site and at my shows highlights the natural color of woods from every corner of the world. For all boards and creations that you would use for food, I treat them with food-safe (NSF) mineral oil or board creams made of mineral oil and beeswax. Oils tend to make the colors "pop". Treating them with mineral oil on a regular basis will keep your board looking great for years and years.